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Video course Auto electrician from scratch

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Video course Auto electrician from scratch

Video course "Auto electrician from scratch" will be needed by all motorists who want to learn how to independently determine the causes of malfunctions in the operation of electrical components, devices and wiring in a car.

Do you want to learn the skills of an auto electrician and independently fix all the problems associated with the incorrect operation of electrical appliances in your car? A video course has been created especially for you, which will teach you all the subtleties of this difficult skill.

The ability to independently diagnose electrical wiring, change the ignition switch or optical devices will come in handy more than once for any car owner.

The services of an auto electrician in a car service are not cheap. You won't have to pay another auto electrician if you can do the job yourself.

A simple and accessible presentation. Even if you have never come across such concepts as a generator, an electric motor, a starter, a distributor, you can still understand the situation and at least find out what the failures in the operation of the electrical devices of the machine are connected with. 

The author developed detailed instructions specifically for beginners in this matter, so everyone can master the proposed lessons.
After reviewing the detailed video tutorials, you will become a professional auto electrician and will be able to service your car yourself if there are malfunctions in the wiring or electrical appliances.

As a result, you will learn:
Perform diagnostics of electrical wiring and electrical appliances.
Work with measuring instruments.
Design electrical circuits.
Repair generators, etc.

Training of auto electricians-diagnosticians will not be complete without working with measuring instruments. There are two types of such devices: digital and analog. Both types are clearly shown in one of the films of the course.

Finally, the most interesting: three films were shot at a real car service. That's what we called them – "Everyday life of an auto electrician". In them, I not only show real cars of clients, but also share some secrets, professional tricks.

1. Basic concepts of electricity. Part 1
2. Basic concepts of electricity. Part 2
3. Elements of electrical circuits. Part 1
4. Elements of electrical circuits. Part 2
5. We design electrical circuits. Part 1
6. We design electrical circuits. Part 2
7. Learning to work with electrical circuits
8. Learning to work with measuring instruments
9. Energy balance in vehicle electrical equipment
10. Rechargeable batteries: principle of operation, design, parameters
11. Battery diagnostics and maintenance
12. Design, diagnostics and repair of automotive alternators
13. Design, disassembly, troubleshooting and assembly of automotive electric motors
14. Work with electrical wiring. Part 1
15. Work with electrical wiring. Part 2
16. Everyday life of an auto electrician Part 1. Heater motors for Chevrolet Lacetti and KIA Spectra
17. Everyday life of an auto electrician Part 2.  Changing the radio tape recorder on Kalina's hell car.
18. Everyday life of an auto electrician Part 3. Repair of the VAZ2110 generator
19. Assembling a voltmeter to diagnose battery charging

The duration of the video course is 12 hours 30 minutes.

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