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UAZ “Profi” with Itelma M86 ECU from © Dirr (CTTeam)

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UAZ “Profi” with Itelma M86 ECU from © Dirr (CTTeam)

A package of dynamic, optimized firmware for chip tuning of UAZ Profi cars with Itelma M86 ECU from © Dirr (CTTeam) 2019

Firmware for UAZ Profi vehicles with Itelma M86 ECUs are also calibrated for cars
with factory HBO. Included firmware for EURO 2 without control
converter as well as EURO 5 with full converter support. Dynamic version.

Firmware ZU03005_08 is back NOT compatible with other firmware.

CS correspond to factory firmware.

Download manuals for working with ECU.

Firmware for 1 ID - 300 rubles.
If you want to purchase individual firmwares from the УАЗ «Профи» с ЭБУ Ителма М86 от © Dirr (CTTeam) package, place an order, choose a payment method, and in the comment specify which firmware YOU need.

Buy a set of firmware УАЗ «Профи» с ЭБУ Ителма М86 от © Dirr (CTTeam) (specify the identifier of the required firmware and the amount)

When paying, payment processing takes place on the website of the electronic payment system, which has passed the international certification. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) does not go to the online store, their processing is fully protected and no one can get personal and bank customer data

Download a set of firmware УАЗ «Профи» с ЭБУ Ителма М86 от © Dirr (CTTeam)

List of firmware from the kit:

Dirr_М86 УАЗ_2019

ZU03001_02 EURO 2.bin
ZU03001_02 EURO 5.bin
ZU03001_02 сток.bin

ZU03003_05 EURO 2.bin
ZU03003_05 EURO 5.bin
ZU03003_05 сток.bin

ZU03004_06 ЕURO 2.bin
ZU03004_06 ЕURO 5.bin
ZU03004_06 сток.bin

ZU03004_07 EURO 2.bin
ZU03004_07 EURO 5.bin
ZU03004_07 сток.bin

ZU03005_08 EURO 2.bin
ZU03005_08 EURO 5.bin
ZU03005_08 сток.bin

Калибровка © Dirr (Бродский Роман, CTTeam)

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