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Car air conditioner compressor repair from A to Z

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Training video course "Car air conditioning compressor repair from A to Z"

Car air conditioner compressor repair against the general background of auto air conditioner repair is the most difficult and expensive.
In addition to the fact that the car compressor itself is not cheap, its cost varies from 700 to 900 dollars (for foreign cars), the repair of the car air conditioner compressor itself is usually accompanied by other additional work that significantly affects the increase in the cost of such repairs.
Such works include replacing the thermostatic valve, flushing the entire air conditioning system, installing a new receiver-drier and other work. Therefore, in order to prevent premature repair of the car air conditioning compressor, it is necessary to constantly monitor its condition, identify breakdowns in time, and eliminate them in a timely manner.
In this video course, the repairs of compressors of different car models are considered, the most common problems with them are shown and how to solve them.

List of educational films included in this course:

  1. Audi A4.mp4
  2. Troubleshooting of the TOYOTA CAMRY V50.mp4 air conditioner compressor
  3. Troubleshooting. Low quality.mp4
  4. Replacing the compressor clutch of the Audi A3 air conditioner. Replacing the pulley bearing. Check valve replacement.mp4
  5. Replacing the compressor clutch of the Skoda Rapid air conditioner. Compressor pulley bearing replacement.mp4
  6. Replacing the bearing in the SANDEN compressor .mp4
  7. Replacing the bearing of the pulley of the Nissan Teana compressor. A / C Compressor Clutch Recovery.mp4
  8. Making an auto air conditioner hose using Good Year.mp4 materials
  9. How to choose an air conditioner compressor BU (used) .mp4
  10. How to replace the pulley bearing of the Volkswagen Polo A / C compressor.mp4
  11. Chinese A / C Compressor.mp4
  12. Air conditioner compressor BMW X6 3.5i. Troubleshooting.mp4
  13. Compressor of the Honda CRV 2.4 conditioner. How to replace a clutch and pulley bearing.mp4
  14. Air conditioner compressor Nissan Murano. Replacing the clutch, pulley bearing.mp4
  15. Air conditioner compressor Nissan X-Trail 2.5i. Repair. Replacing the coupling. Bearing replacement.mp4
  16. Air conditioning compressor Opel Zafira (Astra G, Astra H, Meriva) Replacing the clutch, pulley bearing.mp4
  17. Air conditioner compressor Suzuki Grand Vitara. Replacing the coupling.mp4
  18. Air conditioner compressor Volkswagen Amarok. Noise during operation. Replacing the coupling.mp4
  19. Air conditioner compressor Volkswagen Multivan. Troubleshooting.mp4
  20. Air conditioner compressor Volvo V50. Clutch repair.mp4
  21. Air conditioner compressor Volvo XC70. Compressor repair.mp4
  22. Not original air conditioner compressor MERCEDES-BENZ CLS (C219) .mp4
  23. Not original Volkswagen Tiguan A / C compressor (5N) (07 -). Mp4
  24. How it works in the context.mp4
  25. Checking the tightness of the air conditioner compressor.mp4
  26. Checking the BU compressor before installing the BMW. A / C compressor not working.mp4
  27. Flushing car air conditioner.mp4
  28. Mitsubishi L200 compressor repair - Pajero.mp4
  29. Air conditioner compressor repair Audi A4-A6-Passat-Octavia. Bearing replacement, coupling repair.mp4
  30. Air conditioning compressor repair BMW E90 320i.mp4
  31. Air conditioning compressor repair BMW X5 E70 3,0 DIESEL CALSONIC CSE717C. Clutch replacement.mp4
  32. Air conditioner compressor repair BMW X5 e70 4.8i.mp4
  33. Air conditioner compressor repair BMW X6 3.5i _ 740i 1 Calsonic Kansei CSE717C. For.mp4
  34. Repair of the compressor of the BMW X6 3.5i air conditioner. Replacing the coupling, front cover.mp4
  35. Repair of the compressor of the Honda Civic air conditioner. Replacing the electromagnetic clutch and bearing.mp4
  36. Repair of the air conditioner compressor Mercedes-Benz ML164.mp4
  37. Repair of the compressor of the MITSUBISHI L200 VALEO DKS15D air conditioner. Replacing the coupling.mp4
  38. Repair of the compressor of the air conditioner Opel Corsa D. Replacement of the clutch, control valve.mp4
  39. Air conditioning compressor repair Opel Zafira.mp4
  40. Repair of the compressor of the Skoda Octavia air conditioner. Replacing the coupling and bearing.mp4
  41. Repair of the compressor of the Volkswagen Touareg air conditioner. Bearing replacement.mp4
  42. Air conditioning compressor repair Volkswagen Transporter T5.mp4
  43. A / C Compressor Repair for Volkswagen Golf 4, 2002 MY, 1.6.mp4
  44. Repair of the compressor of the air conditioner Toyota.mp4
  45. Hose repair for Ford Focus II.mp4
  46. Noise when Land Rover Discovery engine is running. A / C Compressor Clutch Bearing Replacement.mp4
  47. The compressor of the Volkswagen Transporter air conditioner is noisy. Replacing the coupling.mp4
  48. The compressor of the air conditioner Volvo S80 2.5T is noisy. Air conditioner compressor repair.mp4
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