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Mercedes WIS and EPC for auto electrician. Dmitry Krasnoshchekov

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Mercedes WIS and EPC for auto electrician. Dmitry Krasnoshchekov

Through the course on working with Mercedes WIS and EPC programs, you will learn:

  • Easy to find any Mercedes wiring diagrams.
  • Quickly get information about the location of any blocks.
  • Find information on removing/installing any blocks.
  • Understand how to recognize by the block number its belonging to the model and compatibility.
  • Quickly check if the engine and gearbox are original on the car. Even if everything matches in the TCP!
  • Get pinouts of control units, with drawings of the connectors themselves.
  • Quickly find numbers of any Mercedes parts.
  • Learn the intricacies of using reference repair bases.

Buy a Mercedes WIS and EPC video course for an auto electrician. Dmitry Krasnoshchekov (after payment, report to chiptunecu@gmail. com)

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