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Video course "STAR DIAGNOSIS" DAS + Vediamo.

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Video course "STAR DIAGNOSIS" DAS + Vediamo.

VIDEO COURSE "STAR DIAGNOSIS" DAS + Vediamo. The most complete and updated course with all the bonuses. Learn to work with star diagnosis like a real pro! Start using dozens of cool features of the device, and become an "X-ray" for any Mercedes!

The course consists of 20 basic video lessons (+2 bonus video courses) in which the user will find almost all the information necessary for a professional to work with Mercedes Benz dealer equipment, with MB DAS Xentry: from video instructions for setting up and installing Star or SD devices Connect on a PC to detailed video tutorials on computer coding, working with real-time data, working with runs in car blocks, restoring SRS Airbag blocks, replacing automatic transmission computers, SCN coding online and offline, working with Vediamo software, etc. + 8 bonus video tutorials entirely devoted to the work of Vediamo software! This is what many have been waiting for!

Descriptions of the main (basic) lessons:

1. You will learn about the types of scanners (Star C3, C4 and others), which options were earlier, which are now.
What is the fundamental difference, which one is worth buying, and which one is no longer.

2. Once upon a time, computers with integrated COM ports disappeared from sale, and this still saddens the owners of Stardiagnosis, in which there are no options to connect except the COM port. From this tutorial you will learn how to buy the right USB-COM adapter, they have one feature! But it’s not enough to buy, you still need to correctly configure the COM port in the system so that everything works as it should and without failures! You will learn all this from this lesson, and you can immediately apply it!

3. Even if you yourself managed to install DAS and Xentry on your computer, then you will need to activate these programs ...
And the problem is that even if a person has generated codes for his system, he does not always understand what to do with them, where to enter, so that everything works. We find out what's what in this lesson.

4. From this lesson you will learn about the self-diagnostic system of the multiplexer (the Star device itself), which, without connecting to the machine, will let you know if there is a working copy in front of you!
The video steps by step shows how to run it and where to see the results.

5. Are sellers of devices and software scaring us in vain? Is there a risk that installing the wrong software, or opening the computer Internet access, you will get a broken brick instead of a useful device? Yes and no. In this short video I will talk about this important nuance.

6. How to order a C4 scanner on Aliexpress and suddenly not become the owner of the usual C3, and even in a semi-artisan case? It's all about the little things, however, as always! Learning to distinguish frank g.

7. In this video you will get information about the differences between the DAS and XENTRY programs, find out why there are two of them, it would seem for the same purpose. And what was before their appearance?

8. A very important lesson on how the DAS program works, how and where to start work.
You will learn about how to choose a car, understand what a quick test function is good for, and find out the purpose of all the interface buttons. It's time to stop thoughtlessly pressing everything in a row, and do everything quickly and effectively!

9. Using the example of an engine control unit from a diesel W210, we will study all the menu items, you will find out where these or those functions are located, how they can be used, where the engineering menu, encodings and other frequently used features are located! Having studied this lesson, you will easily navigate in the diagnostic menu of any other blocks.

10. DAS is good, of course, but it's time to learn how to work with more modern tools!
In this lesson, you will learn the interface of the Xentry program and make sure that working with it is a pleasure!

11. How the interface works - you already know from the last lesson.
In this video, we will go directly into the diagnostics through Xentry, and pay attention to the nuances!

12. If you or your client lost one of the car keys, the situation may get out of control if you do not block them in the car in time! In this lesson, we will examine in detail how to do this, and what to pay special attention to so as not to aggravate the situation!

13. In this lesson, you will learn how to analyze one of the main parameters of any Mercedes that decided not to drive ... How much time was lost, even by seemingly experienced specialists, when the car was torn in the tail and in the mane for several days, without realizing that does not work...
If the Mercedes does not give permission to start, then you can change the spark plugs for a long time, check the pressure, and many, many different things. Therefore, the first thing you need to look at any non-start-up Merc is just it: PERMISSION TO START THE ENGINE! After clarification, it becomes completely clear - in what direction to proceed next!

14. Very few of those who run the run do it so as not to leave any marks ...
In this lesson, you will learn how to calculate the actual mileage of a car, based on signs that are not affected by 90% of the winders. The chance that the car is "rejuvenated" from inside to out is insignificant!
The client does not need extra costs, and the winders have hemorrhoids, we will use this!

15. Encodings ... It is for this reason that many masters study in detail the capabilities of their devices. It is with their help that the manufacturer gives us the opportunity to flexibly customize hundreds of different functions and configurations! In this lesson you will clearly see how many machine settings are in the ignition switch alone! And learn how to do similar things with other blocks.

16. In 90% of cases, the activated Mercedes SRS block can be restored using the functions of the DAS engineering menu! The block does not need to be removed from the machine, no need to disassemble, solder and flash. But we will go further, and instead of DAS we will use the Vediamo program for this! In this lesson, you will see how this is done, and really enrich your arsenal with powerful technology for quick money!

17. Replacing the automatic transmission with a Mercedes has always been an epic. After all, as a rule, people bought used boxes, and there was no possibility of untying them from the old car, and binding to a new one ...
After the craftsmen learned to do these things, things went more fun. But few people know that before installing a new or used automatic transmission control unit, you need to register the number of the hydraulic plate in it, and it is tied to the car's VIN code. From this video you will learn how to find the hydraulic plate number by the VIN-code, and with the help of programming, enter it into the memory, for further reference!

18. Vediamo. Around the program Vediamo goes a lot of rumors and legends. I’m sure some believe that with its help you can reprogram an old 124 body in 220, and if you have the desired CFF file, then in 222 :) But seriously speaking, the program really gives a lot of interesting features, although of course not as powerful as I described in the first paragraph. In this video we will cover in detail the most common questions about Vediamo, engineering menus and programming.

19. Installing Mercedes diagnostic software has always been the prerogative of the elite. Sometimes it was possible to kill a day in order to correctly put everything on a rare laptop model. Usually, specially trained people do these things. For expensive ... But something has changed! For some time now it has been possible to install diagnostic software on any PC, even with Windows 7, 8, 10!
And all this is almost automatic! In this lesson you will learn in detail what it is!

20. When the word "Coding" pops up in a conversation about Mercedes, one wonders how many different people mean by this word ...
Not to mention SCN, online, etc. Porridge, and only ...
In this lesson we will put everything on the shelves!

21 and 22: As a bonus, courses on connecting a Mercedes ECU to a table are presented, the connection schemes and methods are considered, the course on working with Vediamo software is also included in this collection, which clearly shows how to disable DPF (particulate filter) on a Mercedes diesel car with Delphi CRD2 ECU.

23. 8 video tutorials on working with Vediamo software. For beginners and professionals!

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