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Chip tuning: basic concepts. Alexey Pakhomov © autodiagnostics school

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Chip tuning: basic concepts. Alexey Pakhomov © autodiagnostics school

Chip tuning: basic concepts. How to "download" heels of horsepower to Priora by wire? Aleksey Pakhomov's school of auto-diagnostics ©

The course contains all the necessary theoretical information and practical skills necessary for reprogramming control units.
Video instructions for working with equipment created by the authors of this equipment. Possibility to earn additional income in parallel with diagnostics.

""Cars are getting more and more complex every year. Unfortunately, our colleges and universities do not teach auto-diagnostics, so if you want to be a sought-after specialist today, you must independently search for the necessary information. The knowledge that you will receive on the course has been collected bit by bit by me for 12 years. Don't waste time, "sit down at the desk" again, very soon you will become the best master in the city!""

Aleksey Pakhomov
Autodiagnostician, teacher, author of training video courses

A new specialized video course of Alexey Pakhomov's school of autodiagnostics ""Chip tuning : basic concepts. How to “download” five horsepower to Priora by wire?"".
Since the release of the previous course "Chip tuning" by Alexei Pakhomov, a lot has changed. There are new control units, new features of programs for chip tuning.
Therefore, the new course was radically revised and supplemented with material. First of all, this concerns the theoretical part: the internal structure of electronic components, the programming process, the structure of the firmware. These lessons have been completely redone. Further, additional lessons on practical programming of blocks and on working with calibrations were filmed.

This video course will be useful for those who want to learn in detail what chip tuning is, what equipment is needed for work, how an electronic engine control unit works, reprogramming an ECU, how to edit calibrations, how to work with different control units.

Four authors contributed to the creation of this course:
Aleksey Pakhomov spoke about the main theoretical issues: the internal structure of control units, memory types, firmware structure, programming process.

About working with the CombiLoader - its creator, Sergey Sapelin. Who better than the author can tell about the programmer and show how to "sew" different blocks? Sergey will show you how to flash BMW, Mercedes, AUDI, Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA, Renault, Chewrolet blocks. And, of course, the most popular cars: all VAZ units, as well as Gazelle and KamAZ with a Cummins control unit.

Nikolay Mallaev, a well-known master of chip tuning from Donetsk, spoke about working with calibrations. How to create an economical firmware, how to disable the lambda probe, how to configure the firmware for gas equipment and much more - you will learn all this from his lessons.

And most importantly. Aleksey Mikheenkov took part in creating the course. This is the best expert in Russia on the algorithms for the operation of electronic components and the creator of the wonderful ChipTuningPro calibration editor program. If you are even slightly interested in chip tuning, then you have probably already heard the name of Alexei. He will tell you in the course about working with his program.

Buy a video course Chip tuning: basic concepts. How to “download” five horsepower to Priora by wire? Aleksey Pakhomov's school of autodiagnostics ©

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Course syllabus:


Soundthe main questions are: what is chip tuning, who is this course for, what information does it contain, what equipment will we work with.

ECU internals. Part One

Before doing chip tuning, you need to understand the internal structure of the control units and, most importantly, the types of memory chips.

ECU internals. Part Two

We continue to study the internal structure of the blocks. This time we will consider a real block, announce the purpose of its elements and learn how to search for them on the Internet.

Firmware structure

Firmware is what directly lies in the memory of the block. You will find out what parts it consists of, what function each part performs. What parts do we change during chip tuning.

Communication buses

Blocks exchange information with each other via different data buses. On the same buses, the memory of the block is also "flashed". In the lesson we will talk about these tires.

Chip tuning process. ECU reprogramming

So, we have come directly to the process of chip tuning. From the lesson you will learn how this process takes place in ECUs of different types and generations, what equipment is used.

VAZ control units

The most popular car brand in Russia is, of course, VAZ. You need to know about them, if not everything, then almost everything.

Installing and configuring the CombiLoader. Program interface

Together with Sergey Sapelin, the author of the CombiLoader loader, we will install the program on a computer, configure it and look at the interface.

ECU programming with C509 processor


Let's start learning how to program blocks. And the first one will be the easiest, January 5. It's silly to start with a BMW, isn't it?

Programming ECU BOSCH 7.9.7

We continue to "sew" the VAZ blocks, this time the BOSCH 7.9.7 block. Sergey Sapelin will tell you what problems may arise in this case.

ECU programming with ST10 and C16x processors

Even more complex programming blocks. However, at the end of the lesson you will be able to "sew" them.

Installing the key and additional modules.

To work with many ECUs of foreign cars, you need to install a key and modules for these blocks. Sergey will show you how it's done.

Programming control units via CAN bus

Until now, we have programmed all the blocks via the K-Line bus. Now let's move on to programming via the CAN bus, and for this you need to connect the appropriate adapter.

Programming blocks M74

These blocks were massively installed on cars Lada Samara, Kalina, Priora, Grant, and Datsun. There are several varieties of such blocks, Sergey will show you all of them.

Programming blocks M86

And these are the most modern cars, Lada Largus, Vesta and XRay. You will see that there is nothing complicated there in general.

Programming Cummins blocks

Another massive and very popular car in chip tuning, the Gazelle with a diesel engine. There are several tricks in block programming, Sergey Sapelin will share them.

Programming blocks BOSCH MEG 17.9.12

If you think that our course is only for VAZs, then you are mistaken. Please, the control unit of KIA and Hyundai cars. The block is not the easiest.

Programming the EDC17CP54

Her one "foreign" control unit. This time from a Volkswagen Amarok or AUDI Q7.

ChipTuningPro interface. Calibration types

Let's start the lessons of Alexey Mikheenkov, the author of the ChipTuningPro calibration editor. In this lesson, he will tell you what calibrations are and briefly describe the editor interface.

Editing 3D Surfaces

Calibration can be a 3D surface. You will see how it can be edited.

Editing the error mask and firmware identifier. Configuration Flags

We continue to learn how to edit the calibration of the control unit program.

Creating a dual-mode firmware

One of the tasks of chip tuning is tuning engines with LPG equipment. In the tutorial, you will learn how you can create a dual-mode firmware for this purpose.

Additional functions of the program ChipTuningPro

Some more secrets of the ChipTuningPro editor from Alexey Mikheenkov.

Recalibrationand security

Let's start talking about program calibration. And first of all, let's talk about safety: how not to harm the engine and the car in general. Nikolai Mallaev, a well-known author-calibrator, will tell about this.

Idle and forced idle

We are considering idle and forced idle modes. Everything here is by no means as simple as it seems at first glance.

Operating modes

Working modes are, in simple terms, the modes when we drive and press the accelerator pedal. What can be changed in such modes and how to make the car's behavior more dynamic?

Setting up engines with LPG equipment

Gas and gasoline burn differently in the engine cylinders, so the calibration of the program must be different. How to set up the program to work on gas is described in this lesson.

Calibration block BOSCH 7.9.7

Despite the fact that the block is not the newest, the software of almost all modern BOSCH blocks is built on its basis. Therefore, it is extremely important to study his work.

Disabling lambda regulation

A challenge that a chip tuner has to solve every day. Learning to turn off lambda regulation with Nikolai Mallaev.

About fuel economy

Well, and one more task that confronts the chip tuner on a regular basis. The customer asks to reduce fuel consumption. We listen to the advice of the chip tuning guru, Nikolai Mallaev.

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