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Секреты профессиональной калибровки от Алексея Михеенкова

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  • Product Code: Секреты профессиональной калибровки от Алексея Михеенкова
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Секреты профессиональной калибровки от Алексея Михеенкова

Video course "Secrets of professional calibration" from Alexei Mikheenkov (Almi, SMS-Soft) 2019

In this course, first of all, the moment model is considered, the use of which, in one form or another, at present, has become a standard for all automakers.
Also, Alexey Mikheenkov shares unique knowledge that can only be found in this course. We are talking about calibrations that have a significant impact on the dynamics of acceleration and fuel consumption, which should be changed, and those that are better not to touch.
This course covers topics such as calibrating the temperature of the engine, disabling oxygen sensors, with the possibility of their physical removal and much, much more.
Alexey Mikheenkov’s video course “Secrets of Professional Calibration” will be useful not only for beginner chip tuners who take the first steps in learning the secrets of chip tuning, but also for those who consider themselves to be professional in this matter, since the author, a recognized guru among chip tuners, generously shares the secrets of skill.

Alexey Mikheenkov is the author of a wonderful ChipTuningPro calibration program, which is used by hundreds of tuner masters. He researched a huge number of firmware and knows, if not everything, then almost everything about the algorithms of operation of modern control units, there is hardly any specialist who knows more about chip tuning and calibrations.

The course consists of ten lessons and lasts 1 hour 50 minutes. A little, but all in the case, without "water" and advertising. And given the level of knowledge of the author and the uniqueness of this material, every minute of the course is simply priceless!

The cost of the author is 15,000 rubles, so our price will please you with its availability!

Order the video course "Alexey Mikheenkov (Almi, SMS-Soft)" Secrets of Professional Calibration "(2019)"

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Course Outline:
1. Before opening CTPro.mp4
2. About errors when working with visualizers.mp4
3. The moment model. Ignition Angle.mp4
4. Calibration of the composition of the mixture.mp4
5. Table of the required moment from the position of the accelerator pedal
6. Moment filter.mp4
7. Change the calibration of the mechanism of the controlled phases of the distributor
8. Tip-In Knock Retard.mp4 Algorithm
9. engine cooling fan control.mp4
10. Changing the calibration of the controlled thermostat.mp4
11. On the intricacies of disconnecting the second sensor oxord.mp4

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