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2018 repair courses for Krasnoshchekov engine control units

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2018 repair courses for Krasnoshchekov engine control units

Repair courses for engine control units of many cars (the most common problems and methods for solving them are described) - Krasnoshchekov 2018

-You will learn how to fix the main problem with the instrument panels on the Audi A6 in the back of C5, Audi TT of the first generation, A3 of the same years, as well as the Mercedes Vito. This is about the situation when the panel crashes, the arrows either work, or not, the image on the screens and the backlight behave horribly. And sometimes the car may even stop starting up.

- Every 220 Mercedes sooner or later will face a failure of the door seat control module. So it is arranged and designed ... I have seen many attempts to repair these blocks. But the truth is only one. You will recognize her, and you can easily give a guarantee for at least a year that the problem will not return.

-Blocks ABS on Audi, BMW, Volkswagen. Bosch clearly mocked the owners, laying inevitable breakdowns in the design of the control units. It's about blocks on ceramic boards. I will tell you what the problems are, and share my experience in repairing them.

- On the first issues of a new generation of Mercedes, such as 221 bodies, ML164 bodies, engine control units BOSCH ME9.7 were placed directly on the motor. As a result, each car with this arrangement of the block begins to die slowly. The machine behaves unpredictably, twitches, stalls or does not start at all. I will tell you where the root of the problem comes from and teach you how to fix it.

- Another very, very common problem of the first Mercedes in 202 and 210 bodies, and oddly enough of some ssang -engs, is the disappearance of a spark on a pair of cylinders. This is all machines with HFM control units. A lot of people on the forums are struggling to resolve this issue. Someone succeeds, someone does not. I will teach you how to deal with it!

- On some Ford Focus 2 cars, instrument panels were installed, which eventually began to behave inappropriately. These are incomprehensible messages on the display, blinking light bulbs, crazy arrows and all that sort of thing. The problem is solved quite quickly if you know how. And you will learn about it from the course.

- In Mitsubishi cars, such as Pajero, Montero, Space Star, Space Car and others, with a black plastic control unit, one of the ignition control channels often failed. Unfortunately, the unit uses purely Japanese parts, which have no analogues. But I found a way out and a solution, how to replace a tricky part with the help of 2 transistors of 5 rubles each. Now you will find out!

- Nissan Maxima, Almer, Primera, Sunny, a number of models of Infinity, and several more models have a number of problems with the control units. Firstly, this is an idle failure. When the car either completely loses it, or cannot regulate it. The origins of this come from the factory design features of the motor. And these same cars almost as often have problems with ignition. Failure of one or more cylinders, resulting in a triple engine. I will teach you how to repair Nissan control units with these problems.

- If the box twitches on RAV 4 of the second generation, the gears are switched off on time, errors on the solenoids pop up, then in almost 100% of cases there is a problem with the control unit. You will learn how to completely eliminate this.

- On the Skoda Octavia of the first generation there is such a problem. All arrows on the dashboard just fall, and lie without showing signs of life. Sometimes they can twitch a couple of times, but then lie down again. I will show you how to quickly and reliably fix this problem.

- Another common malfunction is a dashboard failure on Volvo S60, S80, XC90 cars. This is only one of those that came across to me. There are likely to be other models with similar things. The arrows are on, the screens are silent, the lights are on. This is what the problem looks like from the outside. I have a proven turnkey solution to resolve these issues. And I am ready to share it with you!

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