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All sets of firmware that are presented on our website

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All sets of firmware that are presented on our website

Due to the uncleanliness of some of our customers, who do not disdain anything for the sake of profit, at the moment the purchase of a set of all packages is not available.

We offer to purchase all sets of firmware for chip tuning of cars that are currently presented on our website (more than 260 packages of different foldings).

The kit contains all the firmware packages, including the newest packages of 2018, worthy of attention from well-known authors!

We offer you exclusive packages of the latest firmware at the lowest prices! 260 sets of professional tuning firmware - about 30 GB of modified files for chip tuning. The most complete set of firmware for professional chip tuning!

Plus a bonus here included training courses for Winols, DAMOS files for WinOLS editor. We also supplemented the kit with training courses on working with the WinOLS firmware editor and the most complete collection (from 2015 - the total size is about 8 Gigabytes)
DAMOS and A2L files for WinOLS professional calibration editor.

WinOLS courses will allow you to independently learn how to disable EGR, DPF and errors (DTC) in many modern ECUs, DAMOS, OLS, A2L calibration description files allow the user to independently change the car ECU firmware in the professional WinOLS editor, for example, increase engine power, remove the speed or RPM limiter engine, disable catalyst control, EGR valve, diesel particulate filter or SCR ADBlue system, etc.

Buy a set of firmware all sets of firmware that are presented on our website

When paying, payment processing takes place on the website of the electronic payment system, which has passed international certification. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) do not go to the online store, their processing is completely protected and no one can receive personal and bank data of the client

Package List:

Audi / VW / SEAT / Skoda
VAG 2016 (R-Lab) - DPF EGR E2 VSA SCR ADBLUE off set.7z
VAG Audi VW Skoda diesel ECU EDC15 EDC16 .7z
VAG c ЭБУ Simos 3 и 7.x от 28.11.2013 .7z
VAG MM 7GV Simos 3.x 7.x 9.x Armeev_14_04_2015.7z
VAG Q7 and Touareg EDC16 .7z
Vag С Эбу Bosch Me7.5 (1.8T)_ME7_1.8T 11.01.2012
Vag С Эбу Bosch Me7.X -_10.01_2012 Ledokol.7z
Vag С Эбу Bosch Med9.X _MED9_(FSI_TFSI)_07.01.2012 .7z
Vag С Эбу Magneti Marelli IAW4xx IAW7GV  .7z
VAG_MM 7GV_Armeev.7z
VW TDI diesel EDC15 EDC16 .7z

BMW_benzin_20110720 .7z
BMW_diesel EDC15 EDC16 .7z

Chevrolet Daewoo
Chevrolet Cobalt ACDelco5 E83 от RSW.7z
Chevrolet Aveo new ACDelco5 E83 от RSW.7z
Chevrolet _Aveo_Geely M797(+) Paulus.7z
Chevrolet Aveo Cruze benzin Delphi MT-80 .7z
Chevrolet Aveo Cruze benzin Delphi MT-80 Ledokol.7z
Chevrolet Aveo Cruze benzin Delphi MT-80 Simtec 76 Paulus.7z
Chevrolet Aveo Cruze benzin Sirius D42 Delphi MT-80 Simtec-76 Ledokol.7z
Chevrolet Aveo Cruze Orlando benzin Delphi MT-80 Simtec 76 LE.7z
Chevrolet Aveo, Cruze, Orlando, Gentra MT-80 Simtec 7.6 noEGR складчины SVV + Paulus.7z
Chevrolet Cruze benzin Simtec 76 .7z
Chevrolet Cruze Lacetti Orlando benzin Simtec 7.6 Ledokol.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo Delphi_ECU_MR_140 _HV_240_IMMOOFF_2011_.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo Delphi_ECU_MR_140 _HV_240_Paulus.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo Delphi_ECU_MR_140 _HW240_IEFI-6 Ledokol.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo Sens Lanos Mikas 10.3+ Miksa11.4 от Chipsoft.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo_Lacetti Aveo Matiz Sirius D3x D4x noEGR Paulus.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo_Lacetti Sirius D3x D4x IMMOOFF Ledokol+ SVV+.7z
Chevrolet Daewoo_Nexia_Aveo_Lacetti Sirius D3x D4x M797 .7z
Chevrolet Epica _2.0-2.5-Sim2K-D160 .7z
Chevrolet Epica 2.0-2.5-Sim2K-D160 Paulus.7z
Chevrolet_Daewoo Aveo 1.6 2013 & Captiva 2011+ ACDelco5.7z
Daewoo Gentra 1.5 Delphi MT-60 SVV.7z
Daewoo Nexia, Lanos 1.5 С Эбу Gm Delco_ IEFI-6ITMS-6F + Chipsoft + Paulus.7z
Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva 2.4 benzin Bosch ME7.9.9 .7z
Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva, Daewoo Winstorm 2.0Cdti 15.09.2011 EDC16C39 .7z
Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva, Daewoo Winstorm 3.2L 22.12.2011 ME9 .7z
SIMTEC 7.6 Chevrolet Cruze Lacetti Orlando - Motormaster.7z
ZAZ CHANCE - DAEWOO SENS Mikas 10.3 (M113 + M114)  MLG.7z

Peugeot Citroen
Citroen_edc15,16 2012
Peugeot_edc15,16 2012
Peugeot Citroen PSA_benzin_Bosch_Marelli_Sagem_20120530_

FORD diesel TDCi с ЭБУ EDC16xx SID20x SID80x .7z
Ford Focus II  Siemens Visteon EEC-VI ESU-xxx Ledokol  upd.7.7z
Ford Focus II  Siemens Visteon EEC-VI ESU-xxx Ledokol.7z
Ford Focus II 2014 Siemens Visteon ESU-xxx EXPLORER.7z
Ford Focus II Siemens Visteon EEC-VI ESU-xxx Paulus.7z
Ford Focus III 1.6 2.0 benzin+powershift  EMS-2204 - MED17.2 Paulus.7z
Ford Focus III 1.6 Restail_Beletskiy 2 sets 2017.7z
Ford Fusion Fiesta с ЭБУ SIM22 и SIM21 (210) от Ledokol.7z
Ford Kuga 2 (2,5L 150HP.)2016_08_Paulus
Ford Kuga2 150hp (FoMoCo) upd2_Paulus.7z
Ford Mondeo 5 2.5_FoMoCo_2016_ релиз v2_Paulus.7z
FORD_benz_Bosch_Siemens_Visteon ESU-xx EEC-V EEC-VI .7z
Паулюс_Складчина Ford Fiesta_EMS-2211_2017.7z
Рaulus_Ford Ecosport 1.6_2017.7z
R-Lab _Ford Transit 2006-2013 2.2-2.4TDCI Visteon DCU-10x TUN DPF off EGR off set _2017.2.7z

Honda Petrol SET Mix - Esso_Armeev_R2R.7z

Hyundai Kia
Bosch ME17911(17912) Motormaster.7z 
Hyundai - Kia Euro ME17.9.13(12-11) Chelyaba ver.5_2016.7z
Hyundai Kia ECU Delphi MT-38_benzin_.7z
Hyundai Kia ECU Kefico(Melco)_project_Full .7z
Hyundai Kia ECU SIM2K-24x turbo GDI Optima K5 + IX35 IX40 Sportage Cerato Elantra benzin Paulus.7z
Hyundai Kia EDC15С7 EDC16С39 DPFoff EGRoff складчина (калибровки от vovan123).7z
HyundaiKia (Эбу Kefico, Аналог Melco)  Kefico_project_07.07.2011 .7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M(G) 7.9.8 IMMOFF от Paulus.7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M(G) 7.9.8 от Мотор Мастер Клуб + Ledakol IMMOOFF.7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M(G)7.9.8 .7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M(G)7.9.8 от Motor-master (прошивки двиг.+АКПП).7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M7.9.7 IMMOOFF Ledokol.7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch M7.9.7 IMMOOFF Paulus.7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_Bosch ME17911(12) upd.10 от Paulus +NOIMMO (запись по OBDII).7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_Bosch ME17911(12) от Ledokol (запись по OBDII).7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_Bosch ME17911(12) от MotorMaster (запись по OBDII).7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_МЕ_17.9.11(12) .7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_МЕ_17.9.11(12) Ledokol.7z
Kia Hyundai Bosch_МЕ_17.9.11(12) Paulus.7z
Kia Hyundai Chevrolet Epica Siemens SIM2K Sim2K-140_141_341_D160 IMMOOFF .7z
Kia Hyundai Chevrolet Epica Siemens SIMK SIMK_41(42,43)_SIM2K47_IMMOOFF .7z
Kia Hyundai Siemens SIM2K Sim2K-140_141_341 Paulus.7z
Kia Hyundai Sim2K141-341 Upd1 2016 Chelyaba.7z
Kia Hyundai Sportage Tucson Sorento CRDI EDC15 Oktja.7z
Kia Sorento_CRDI_EDC16C39_523313_ .7z
Kia_Hyunday_diesel 2.9 Carnival Terracan_Delphi_08.12.11 .7z
Kia_Hyunday_diesel_Bosch_EDC15 + EDC16_noDPF_noEGR Paulus.7z
Kia_Hyunday_diesel_Bosch_EDC15_EDC16 .7z
Kia-Hyundai diesel EDC17CP14 EDC17C08 .7z
Kia-Hyundai_Сhelyaba SIM2K 43 141 341_30.08.2015.7z
ME17.9.11(12) Kia Hyundai RSW 2017.7z
Корея ME17911(12) складчина 2015 Upd11.7z
Корея_Bosch 7.9.7(+)_06.12.11 Hyundai Kia +Ledakol.7z
Kia-Hyundai_SIM2K-241_RSW FULL 2018
KIA-Huindai 797 Kefico_2017_MPower.7z

Land Rover
Land Rover TDI EDC16 SID204 .7z

Mazda 3 and 6 benzin от Esso.7z
Mazda_benzin_SH7055 SH7058 28.11.2013 .7z

Mercedes Benz
tuneR - Mecedes Chevrolet Opel Citroen Peugeot Fiat Renault VAG BMW Hyundai Kia Mitsubishi LandRover 2015.7z
MB 2016 - DPF EGR E2 VSA SCR ADBLUE off set list.7z
Mercedes Benz_diesel_EDC16xx (+DPF off, EGR off) 15.06.7z
Mercedes Benz diesel EDC15, EDC16 2012 .7z

Denso_SH7058_diesel_RFH4 -RA6 update 2016.7z
Mitsubishi ASX Lancer XL_Ledokol_update_2015.7z
Mitsubishi Denso SH7058 Vovan123.7z
Mitsubishi Lancer X, Outlander Xl _MH8106_02.02.2011 .7z
Mitsubishi Melco 2g 3g .7z
Mitsubishi Melco 3G 4G Ledakol.7z
Mitsubishi new Lancer X 1.6, ASX 1.6 1.8_Outlander Xl _MH8106 GMS .7z
Mitsubishi Pajero и L200_Diesel_Denso_от Weber.7z
Mitsubishi_Diesel_DENSO_SH7058_Pajero_L200 .7z
Mitsubishi_MH8104F(CAN) Lancer X 1.5 GMS .7z
Армеев_Denso RFH4-RA6 SH7058.7z
Mitsubishi set 2017 new FULL Ledokol 10-05-2017.7z

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5D Denso SH7059 .7z
Nissan Pathfinder diesel c ЭБУ Denso SH7058 SH7059 и Bosch EDC16 2015.7z
Nissan и Infiniti benzin Bosch Hitachi SH705x .7z
Nissan_Almera_(завод авто ВАЗ) Upd1 Pailus.7z
Nissan_diesel_EDC15-EDC16-Delphi .7z
Складчина Nissan Pathfinder diesel c ЭБУ Denso SH7058 SH7059 и Bosch EDC16 2015.7z

Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva 2.4 benzin Bosch ME7.9.9  .7z
Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva, Daewoo Winstorm 2.0Cdti 15.09.2011 EDC16C39  .7z
Opel Antara, Chevrolet Captiva, Daewoo Winstorm 3.2L 22.12.2011 ME9  .7z
Opel benzin ACDelco_5 ACDelco_35E_Bosch ME7.6.3 2012 .7z
Opel benzin_Bosch Delco Siemens + Simtec 75 SVV.7z
Opel diesel-Magneti Marelli 1.3MJD - EDC16 .7z
Opel_Simtec 7.5_Bosch ME7.6_03.2015.7z

Дастер_ FL_ ems 3125_паулюс.7z
Duster_Valeo v42_NEW Motormaster.7z
EMS3132 EMS3134 NOIMMO_Renault Symbol Logan Sandero_Nissan Almera_Lada Largus_Paulus_2016
EMS3120 2015 Логан 2 Paulus.7z
EMS3120  2015 Логан 2.rar
EMS3132 (Renault) + (VAZ Nissan)_NEW Motormaster.7z
EMS3132 EMS3134 NOIMMO_Renault Symbol Logan Sandero_Nissan Almera_Lada Largus_Paulus_2016.7z
Ems3134 Nissan Almera Renault Logan Renault Sandero Chelyaba.7z
Renault diesel Delphi DCM3.4 RSW list.7z
Renault Duster benzin с ЭБУ Valeo и EMS3130 от RSW.7z
Renault Duster benzin с ЭБУ Valeo от Paulus.7z
Renault Duster benzin с ЭБУ Valeo от Vovan 123.7z
Renault Duster-Terrano Valeo V42_Chelyaba_2017_v2.7z
Renault EMS3110_Valeo_V40_Valeo_V42(S3000)_2014 .7z
Renault EMS3120 RSW_Megane3_Fluence_Logan_Sandero_upd 12.2016.7z
Renault Fluence Megane Duster_Valeo Paulus 2016 UPD4.7z
Renault Logan 2012 1.4 1.6 ГБО Ledokol.7z
Renault Logan E2 E3 E4 Paulus.7z
Renault Logan Nissan Almera Lada Largus EMS3132_V3-V4  Chelyaba.7z
Renault Logan Sandero Largus - Nissan Almera Ems3120_Chelyaba_2017.7z
Renault Logan_Sandero_Kangoo_Symbol_EMS3132 от Motor-master.7z
Renault_benzin_Sirius 32(34)-EMS3132(3134)-Sagem S3000 .7z
Renault_diesel_edc15, edc16 2012 .7z
Пакет Megane_Fluence Valeo_RSW_07.2015.7z
Адакт_Логан2,Дастер Валео.7z

SsangYong benzin 2.3 2.8 3.2 Siemens VDO MSE 3.5 benzin .7z
Ssang Yong Kyron, Action, Rexton, Rodius Xdi MtAt_26.12.2011 2.0Xdi_2.7_XDi_Delphi .7z
Ssang Young Action new 2.0 2014 ECU SIM2K-C201 benzin upd 2 Paulus.7z


Suzuki benzin Denso SH705x and Bosch ME9.0 and 17.9.8 .7z

Toyota Lexus D4D D-Cat diesel Denso Bosch EDC16-17 DPF EGR off.7z
Lexus Toyota .7z
Toyota-Lexus Denso (NEC) Armeev 2016 ALL 6 packets FULL.7z
Toyota, Lexsus 2017 + Honda 2017.7z

ВАЗ ME17_benzin and GBO_3 mode_upd6_2016_Paulus+Dik.7z
ChevyNiva ME17971 Upd4_2016_petrol and GBO Paulus+Dik.7z
2016 ChevyNiva ME17971_upd5_Feb_2016.7z
ChevyNiva ME17971_2016_petrol and GBO Paulus+Dik.7z (upd4, upd5)
Lada X-Xray-Vesta-Largus RSW_M86.7z
M74 RCO (SMS-Soft).7z
Lada Vesta М86_Paulus_2016.7z
Lada Largus 2016 e-gas EMS-3120 Paulus.7z 
LadaLargus_NissanAlmera_2016_ems3120_ upd2_paulus.7z
Lada Largus_Upd1-3 Paulus + Lada Largus Ledakol.7z
M74 (CAN) Lada Granta_Bashkirov.7z 
M74 Full Гранта Калина Приора Самара v5.2_Челяба.rar
M74 JAN 2015 + NOIMMO + M75 UPDATE +noimmo from MOTORMSATER.7z
M74_GBO_Гранта Калина Приора Самара V1.41_Челяба.rar
M86_ Lada Vesta чиптюнер.ru_ Башкиров.rar
ME17.9.7 Lada Priora_Bashkirov.7z 
Nissan Almera (завод авто ВАЗ) и Lada Largus с ЭБУ EMS3132 от Motor-master + Paulus.7z
VAZ ME17 upd5
ВАЗ 55pin + M797 M73 M74 J72 ME1797 FULL от Motormaster.7z
ВАЗ 55-пин Фулл + ledakol + Paulus.7z
ВАЗ Bosch M797 M797+ .7z
ВАЗ Bosch M797 M797+ Ledokol v.7.4.7z
ВАЗ Bosch M797 M797+ Motor-Master.7z
ВАЗ Bosch M797 M797+ Paulus.7z
ВАЗ ECU M75 GBO + IMMOOFF Paulus + Ledokol.7z
ВАЗ ME17.9.7 full .7z
ВАЗ ME17.9.7 full Motor-master.7z
ВАЗ ME17.9.7 Paulus.7z
ВАЗ все складки - Я7.2(+) M73 M74 M74.5 noImmo.7z
ВАЗ ГБО Фулл M797 M74 ME1797 Paulus.7z
ВАЗ Калина Приора Нива УАЗ Патриот Хантер ME1797 mod609092012 .7z
ВАЗ Шевролет Нива Paulus.7z
М74.5_Kalina_Priora_Motormaster (MMK) декабрь 2015.7z
М86_Lada Largus X-ray Vesta Chelyaba _v3.7z 
Складчина LADA X-Ray 1.6 EMS-3125 Paulus.7z
ЭБУ М74 Paulus.7z
ЭБУ М75 Paulus.7z
M74 Full Гранта Калина Приора Самара  v5.2_Челяба.rar
Terminator M73.7z
M74_ v.8.2_2017_Ledokol_upd.7z

GAZ Gazel Микас 12.3_R24_170_ Gai_2017.7z
GAZel Mikas12 M12 UE0900306 UE0900101 UE0900203(4) TUN E2 MSFoff_.7z
Cummins CM2220 GAZ tuning DPF EGR TVA off 24.09.2016 + flasher Scanmatic.7z
UAZ new ME17971 2016  Paulus Upd6 (+ no IMMO).7z
gazel next mikas 12 gai.7z
2015 UAZ ME17971 складка Upd4
ГАЗ УАЗ Микас 7.1-7.2 .7

Chinese cars
Kefiko 797,ME797,MT20U,MT20U2,MT22U Full Ledokol
China Bosch_M797 M7.8 ME7.8.8 ME797 MT22x Ledokol+Paulus.7z
Delphi MT20Ux MT-22U Китай бензин .7z
Delphi MT20Ux MT-22U Китай бензин ledokol.7z
Geelly Emgrand ECU Delphi MT-80 .7z
Great Wall Hover Delphi MT-2xU Chipmaster 2013.7z
Great Wall Hover, Safe, Deer_Bosch M1.5.4_20.05.2011 .7z
GreatWall_Hover 2.8TDi EDC16 .7z
GreatWall_Hover benzin Delphi MT2xx .7z
Lifan Breez_ECU Siemens_Vagon VАx.7z
Китайцы с ЭБУ Bosch M797(+)_ME 7.9.7 .7z
Корея Китай складчина Paulus Bosch 797.7z

Cummins CM2150 - С2220 ESSO GAZ PAZ KAMAZ HIGER China SCR-DPF EGR off
Cummins CM2150 - С2220 ESSO GAZ PAZ KAMAZ HIGER China SCR-DPF EGR off_OK.7z - (правильная версия от Esso)
Cummins CM2150 - С2220 FULL GAZ PAZ KAMAZ HIGER China SCR-DPF off.7z -  (кривая версия)
FAW Gelly LIFAN Ledokol 2016_Delphi MT22.1.7z
GAZON R-Lab 2018.7z
inotrucks R-Lab 2018.7z    

DVD - 8000+ firmwares for old cars 1988 up to 2000(ori and tun).7z
Tuning-Files_Set_EUROTUN_11_16.7z (22Gb of European Tuning files))

База готовых прошивок YAS tuning.7z

DAMOS A2L файлы для WinOLS


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Order custom calibration

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Александр Никифоров
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Приобрел полный пакет-ненарадуюсь Ребята работают отлично.Все прошивки которыми довилось пользоваться работают без отказно и хорошего качества.Все вовремя и оперативно,даже ночью спасибо Вам за работу.Кому контора сомнительная сопите молча.Так держать
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Здравствуйте! у меня вопрос-( Все комплекты прошивок для чип-тюнинга автомобилей, которые на данный момент представлены на нашем сайте) цена написана 9900р
а цена 7900 в бонусных баллах как понять?
если я буду покупать весь комплект то мне сколько надо платить?
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Прошил opel corsa 1.2 проблем не возникло
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Сомнительная контора будьте осторожны
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Прошил Santa fe 2.0 CRDI с блоком EDC15 370870, через галлетту отлично прошился.
Расход в среднем упал на 0,7л и появились адекватные "верха". Результатом вполне доволен

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