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Шеви Нива с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71 от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik

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Шеви Нива с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71 от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik

A package of dynamic, optimized firmware for chip tuning cars Шеви Нива (Chevy-Niva) с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71, для записи через BSL, от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik

The kit includes versions for gasoline, HBO and tri-mode versions with the ability to switch firmware.

In all factory software Chevy Niva there is a defect / feature / some fun-interpretation is not important but the owners are concerned.
So, with the onset of frost, idling in motion and in place is unstable.
Namely, the speed setting suddenly starts to increase. up to 1100 rpm.
Of course, this is treated by flashing to software from this kit.

Version "max" for pokatushek off road, heavy use on the "big" wheels and just for stung)
They have high momentum recoil but are hardly economical in combat use.

Due to the organization of the memory, Bosch M (E) 17.9.71 when overwriting
It is advisable to retain a portion of the individual data for each block.
If you are not sure that your bootloader does this, then a utility is included with the firmware.

When using the utility, the procedure for preparing the firmware for recording is as follows:

- Read native firmware with ECU
- Run the utility from the BoschME17971Util.exe folding kit
- Click the "Open read firmware" button and select the just read
- If everything is done correctly, the program will show the Identifiers and display the path to the open firmware
- Press the button "Find and copy (prepare for recording) suitable from the database"
- The program will report on the prepared firmware and save them in a folder next to the original firmware read
- Select the folder from the prepared program folder ("Prepared_XX.XX.2016_XX.XX.XX") and load it into the block.

+ 3x gas mode firmware from Paulus and DiK.
!!! Fill strictly completely firmware !!!
Implemented the identification of modes, for the convenience of switching control.

Ways to switch the modes of versions MR3x_GBO4_Santeh ...:
1st mode gasoline - normal operation of the DTV sensor (from 0.2 to 4.85 volts)
2nd mode HBO4 propane - DTV signal pulled to the ground (less than 0.2 volts)
3rd mode of HBO "plumbing" propane - DTV signal "in the air" (more than 4.85 volts), nozzles and gas pump (shutdown delay 5 seconds) in Gas mode are software disabled.

Regarding interchangeability and software updates:
update 4
1037543535 = 10SW013407
10SW013407_INFO = Serial Software Update
10SW003177 = 10SW013407
10SW013407_INFO = Serial Software Update
10SW009231 = 10SW013407
10SW013407_INFO = Serial Software Update
update 5
1037543535 = 10SW003177
10SW003177_INFO = Serial Software Update

Download manuals for working with ECU.

Firmware for 1 ID - 300 rubles.
If you want to purchase individual firmwares from the Шеви Нива с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71 от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik package, place an order, choose a payment method, and in the comment specify which firmware YOU need.

Buy a set of firmware Шеви Нива с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71 от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik (specify the identifier of the required firmware and the amount)

When paying, payment processing takes place on the website of the electronic payment system, which has passed the international certification. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) does not go to the online store, their processing is fully protected and no one can get personal and bank customer data

Download a set of firmware Шеви Нива с ЭБУ Bosch ME17.9.71 от Паулюс ©Paulus & Dik

List of firmware from the kit:

2016 Chevy Niva ME17971 Upd4

fix idle fluct Tair_Startpower _ 2016__10SW013407.bin
fix idle fluct Tair_Startpower _ 2016__10SW013407_E2.bin
fix idle fluct Tair_Startpower max_ 2016__10SW013407.bin
fix idle fluct Tair_Startpower max_ 2016__10SW013407_E2.bin

2016 Chevy Niva ME17971 upd5

StartPower 2016 2123B4724S E2.bin
StartPower 2016 2123B4724S max E2.bin
StartPower 2016 2123B4724S max.bin
StartPower 2016 2123B4724S.bin

Калибровки Паулюс (С)Paulus

StartPower - модифицированная прошивка
MR3x - 3х режимные газовые прошивки
E2 - нормы токсичности Евро-2

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Order custom calibration

Order custom calibration

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К сожалению машина на прошивке fix idle fluct Tair_Startpower max_ 2016__10SW013407_E2.bin так и осталась овощем. На другой поехала резво.

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