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Denis Fedorov. Video courses

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Denis Fedorov. Video courses

A selection of video courses from Denis Fedorov on working with programmers, repairing ECU units and working with keys.

1.Video course on MINIPRO programmer

Video course on MINIPRO programmer

The course includes:

  1. How to properly install the program
  2. Which adapters are used for what
  3. Learn all the nuances of working with the interface
  4. In the examples you will see how to work with EEPROM and FLASH memory chips
  5. What "pitfalls" beware

2.Video course on the Galletto 4

Galletto 4< /p>

3.Video course on XProg-M

Bonus firmware, software version 5.55, X-Prog connection diagram, how to set Fuse and Lock bits. Finding everything at once is not so easy. 

4. Restoration of mustaches in blocks on ceramics

Restoration of mustaches in blocks on ceramics

5.VW Passat B6-B7

VW Passat B6-B7
Writing keys in B6/B7

6.All about microchips

All about microchips

7. Mini-course VAG 2003

Mini-course VAG 2003< /p>

Key recovery.

8. Mini-course writing keys in Lexus Toyota -2003


9.PIC UPA-USB mini-course

 Mini-course on how to read the PIC from the dashboard of Nexia cars using the UPA-USB programmer

10. Mini-course writing keys in Almera Classic

- Course on how to add, add and remove chips to/from Nissan Almera Classic.
- Considered the work of ZED BULL MINI.
- Detailed description of the process.

11.MERSEDES lock repair mini-course

MERSEDES lock repair mini-course< /p>


12.Mini-course on how to repair the latch on Mercedes W204 and W212

Latch Repair

12.CPU webinar (2:08)

webinar< /p>

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